Welcome to The Elicitor!

A blog-style news and opinion website dedicated to eliciting the truth about U.S.-Russian relations and the broader Eurasia region in order to boost mutual understanding and multilateral cooperation. This forum aspires to fill a gap in balanced reporting, analysis, and reflection that continues to grow wider as the West and Russia plunge deeper into the depths of an alleged New Cold War over the conflict in eastern Ukraine. Weekly media tracking and original content posts by individuals of all backgrounds from international affairs professionals to personally concerned citizens of countries across the post-Soviet space shall provide a real snapshot of developments in Europe and Eurasia to share and elicit dialogue and debate on current challenges to surmount and future opportunities for partnership.

Check out the News page for a weekly roundup on media coverage and various archived and upcoming publications covering Europe, Russia, and Eurasia affairs. Explore the Essays, Reflections, Interviews, and Media sections for original content posts ranging from academic articles to personal opinions to informative videos on important regional issues. Peruse the Sources page for an extensive collection of the best Western and Eurasian sources. Those interested in contributing an essay or reflection are certainly welcomed and should consult the Contact Us page for contact information and submission guidelines.

Subscribe to our Weekly Roundup newsletter here for the latest contributor posts and a collection of must-read articles on U.S.-Russian relations and the broader Eurasia region published each week at The Elicitor. The support is most appreciated, with special thanks to Regional Studies CenterRussia Direct, The Vostokian, and Columbus International Program for recent coverage.

We hope and expect that The Elicitor will serve you well in broadening your horizons on the critical importance of Western-Russian-Eurasian relations in world affairs as well as the ever-growing bonds between all peoples in the region. Thanks for reading and enjoy!

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